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Milka is not just a chocolate brand; it is a true legend among sweets enthusiasts, owned by Mondelēz International. For over a century, Milka has been delighting consumers worldwide with its unique taste. The main production is located in Lörrach, Germany, and factories are also operating in various European Union countries, such as Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

The name Milka comes from two German words - Milch (milk) and Kakao (cocoa), reflecting the primary ingredients of the products. The recognizable packaging in purple with the image of a cow has become the brand's symbol. Milka also produces chocolate cookies, candies, and other sweet treats. All Milka products are known for their delicate and soft taste.

Every hour, over 150,000 Milka products are sold worldwide in more than 40 countries, highlighting the popularity and love for this magnificent chocolate brand.

History of Milka

In 1901, Swiss entrepreneur and owner of a chocolate factory, Philippe Suchard, introduced his milk chocolate to the world, naming it Milka. He began chocolate production in 1825 by founding a confectionery factory in Neuchâtel. Expanding the company in 1826, Suchard moved production to Serrières, where he daily produced and sold 25-30 kg of chocolate in a rented water mill. Suchard's chocolate was recognized at the World Exhibition in London in 1851 and in Paris in 1855. In the 1890s, the company started adding milk to chocolate.

There is also a version that the sweet product was named after the Croatian singer Milka Ternina, whom Suchard allegedly admired. However, this version has neither confirmation nor refutation. In addition to the exquisite taste, Milka's new product was distinguished by the unusual lavender packaging for that time. This lavender color remains the trademark of Milka to this day.

In 1909, Milka chocolate first appeared and was sold in Austria. By 1913, the company was producing 18 times more chocolate at the factory in Lörrach (Germany) than in 1880 at its first factory.

In 1926, Milka began producing themed candies for holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

In the 1960s, Milka was registered as a trademark, and the violet color became the official brand color for product packaging. The Milka mascot, the lavender-and-white cow known as Milka Cow, attracted significant attention. Although the character appeared with the release of the first chocolate bars, it officially became the emblem only in 1972. Milka often uses white cows with lavender spots in advertising, which are easily washable. One of the most popular models in the ads was the cow Swallow, which became famous thanks to the advertising campaign in the 1990s. The maintenance cost of the Swallow cow amounted to 6000 francs per year.

In 1970, Suchard merged with Tobler, forming Interfood.

In 1982, Interfood merged with the coffee company Jacobs, becoming Jacobs Suchard. In 1990, Kraft Foods acquired Jacobs Suchard, and after that, the name and brand Suchard disappeared from the packaging.

In 1995, Milka became the official sponsor of skiing competitions, including support for the FIS Alpine Cup held in Lienz.

In 2011, a large-scale global campaign "Do Not Be Afraid to Be Tender" was launched by Milka. Then, in 2016, the advertising campaign "360 Degrees" under the slogan "Tenderness Inside" began. Also, in 2011, a novelty from Milka in the form of chocolate dragees Milka Bitz was introduced, offering two unique flavors.

This year, Milka celebrated its 110th anniversary—chocolate enthusiasts have been enjoying its wonderful taste for over a century. The secret of Milka's popularity lies in centuries-old traditions of quality and a unique recipe with the addition of genuine Alpine milk, making Milka chocolate incredibly tender.

In 2012, Kraft Foods completed the process of dividing into two main divisions: Mondelez International—global business, and Kraft—North American.

In September 2012, the brand delighted consumers with innovations from Milka—the line of aerated chocolate Milka Bubbles.

Milka Bubbles is an amazing combination of delicate chocolate and a light aerated texture, making this new product incredibly delicious.

An absolutely innovative feature is the unique shape of the bar in the form of large chocolate bubbles. This extraordinary appearance of the product will surprise even the most sophisticated buyer, and the variety of flavors in the assortment (milky aerated chocolate, milky aerated chocolate with almonds, and white aerated chocolate with hazelnuts) will pleasantly amaze.

Recently, in Milka's advertising videos, besides the famous cow, other anthropomorphic characters appear: pigs, bears, moles... Even without the involvement of humans, interesting and easily memorable videos are created. They always feature alpine meadows, boundless blue skies, bright sun, clean streams, and green grass.

Every year, more than a hundred thousand tons of various varieties of Milka chocolate are produced. Fans of milk chocolate can easily choose a product to their liking from Milka's rich assortment, including chocolate bars with different ingredients and fillings weighing 90 and 100 grams, as well as popular flavors in the larger 250-gram format. Consumers highly appreciate Milka for its delicate and soft taste, as well as the variety of filling options.

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