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Ritter Sport Hazelnuts 100g
Ritter Sport Hazelnuts 100g
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Ritter Sport Schokowürfel Joghurt 176g
Ritter Sport Schokowürfel Joghurt 176g
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Ritter Sport Cocoa Mousse
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Ritter Sport is a family-owned enterprise that upholds the finest chocolate-making traditions while prioritizing environmental stewardship. For over a century, delightful and uniquely shaped chocolate squares have brought joy to sweet enthusiasts worldwide. Presently you can buy Ritter Sport products in numerous countries. With a remarkable assortment of more than 60 varieties, the company continuously astounds its customers with novelties of Ritter Sport.

Reviews about Ritter Sport primarily highlight the fact that the brand uses only high quality ingredients. Whether you prefer tart dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate or sweet white chocolate, Ritter Sport offers a variety of options to satisfy even the most discerning chocolate connoisseur.

History of Ritter Sport

In 1912 the chocolate and sugar confectionery factory was founded at Innere Moltkestrasse in the city of Bad Cannstatt (now a district of the city of Stuttgart) by a married couple Alfred Eugen Ritter and Clara Ritter. The first "Ritter" chocolates were made and sold there.

As the business expanded in Bad Cannstatt, in 1930 Ritter Sport opened a new corporate center in the picturesque town of Waldenbuch. Skilled and highly-certificated employees were brought by bus from Bad Cannstatt to Waldenbuch and back every day.

In 1932 Clara Ritter suggested creating a square-shaped bar of chocolate that would fit in a jacket pocket.

In 1935, during the National Socialist period, Ritter Sport faced a shortage of cocoa and other raw materials due to its refusal to join the National Socialist Party (NSDAP). In order not to completely stop production, the company began to produce other products for the production of which did not require cocoa: jelly, fondant and refreshing sticks. Although production continued during the war, volumes were greatly reduced. Ritter Sport's ability to adapt and overcome challenges demonstrates their resilience and dedication to their customers.

In 1940, Ritter Sport had to stop production completely. The factory was temporarily occupied by other companies during this period. After the war, the Ries & Hetzel company utilized the chocolate factory to produce toothpaste.

In 1945 Alfred Eugen Ritter served as the acting mayor of Waldenbuch for one year during the denazification process led by the Allies. He was appointed by the American occupation due to his non-membership in the NSDAP.

After the war, in 1950, cocoa becomes available again without restrictions, allowing the company to resume production.

In 1952, after the passing of company founder Alfred Eugen Ritter at the age of 66, his son Alfred Otto Ritter assumes control of the company as the new manager.

In 1974, a colorful revolution took place in the chocolate market as entrepreneur Alfred Otto Ritter introduced the "Bunte Palette" (colorful variety). The advertising posters proclaimed, "Everything becomes brighter, happier, more modern, more active - including chocolate, which is an attribute of everyday life". The bright design of the label has become another characteristic feature of the Ritter Sport brand.

In 1976, Ritter Sport again made a splash in the chocolate market by releasing its products in tubes with the innovative Snap-Open mechanism. This further feature has become a trademark of Ritter Sport, making the company's chocolate bars stand out from the competition.

In 1978, there was a change of leadership in the company - it passed into the hands of the third generation of the Ritter family. Alfred Theodor Ritter and his sister Marley Hoppe-Ritter joined the board of directors, continuing the family business.

In 1991, Ritter Sport made a commitment to the environment by rethinking the composition of its packaging. They have switched completely changed the technological process, opting for packaging that is completely recyclable.

In 1996, Ritter Sport became the first company in the German confectionery industry to pay a lot of attention to environmental issues. They established operational environmental protection as an integral part of their comprehensive management system.

Since 2002, Ritter Sport has had its own combined heat and power unit, which was upgraded in 2016. This has resulted in a reduction of 2,900 tons of CO2 emissions that year and allows them to generate 70% of their heat and 37% of their electricity internally.

In 2012, the Ritter family purchased land in Nicaragua to set up their own cocoa farm, allowing them to personally control the growing process. The first harvest from the farm took place in 2017.

In 2018, became the first major German chocolate bar manufacturer to use 100% certified sustainable cocoa for the entire range.

In 2019, Alfred Theodor Ritter, the leader of the company, received the German Founder's Award in the Lifetime Achievement category for his exceptional contributions to leading Ritter Sport out of crisis and his longstanding dedication to the environment.

In 2020, Ritter Sport became a certified carbon-neutral company, recognized by TÜV Nord. Through Gold Standard climate certificates, Ritter Sport achieved its goal of offsetting carbon emissions. The company has set a goal to completely eliminate carbon emissions from the production process by 2025.

Chocolate production

All products of Ritter Sport are made from 100% certified sustainable cocoa and carry the Rainforest Alliance Cocoa seal. Behind the colorful packaging lies a decade of experience in growing, harvesting and processing cocoa. The raw materials for Ritter Sport chocolate are grown on organic plantations at the El Cacao farm in Nicaragua. The company devotes a lot of effort and development to protecting the environment and uses 100% recyclable materials wherever possible.

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