Customs allowances  Moldova


  • Cigarettes

    200 pc.

  • or Cigars

    50 pc.

  • or Cigarillos

    50 pc.


  • Spirits or Wine


  • Beer


Customs rules for the import of goods to Moldova

This small European landlocked country lies between Romania in the west and Ukraine in the east. Moldova itself has a lot to offer. First, the country is remote and rarely visited, making it ideal for adventurers looking to pave the way. Secondly, the wine tourism industry is developing here, and those who are well-versed in wines know that some of the best in Europe are produced in Moldova.

Planning a trip, explore the main rules for the duty-free importation of goods into the territory of the Republic of Moldova.


Goods that can be imported into the territory of Moldova by tourists over the age of 18 without paying duties.

  • Tobacco products. It is allowed to import 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or cigarillos.

  • Alcohol. It is allowed to import 2 liters of wine or 5 liters of beer.

  • Other goods. It is allowed to import other goods worth up to 300 euros.


What is forbidden to import into the territory of Moldova

It is forbidden to import without the permission of the relevant ministries and departments:

  • Weapon;

  • Ammunition;

  • Explosives;

  • Toxic substances;

  • Other goods for specific purposes.

  • It is prohibited to import medicines, narcotic and psychotropic substances for medical purposes without the permission of the Ministry of Health in quantities greater than is needed for one person for one course of treatment.


Goods prohibited for export from the territory of the Republic of Moldova

Before exporting objects of cultural value, consult the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; some artefacts are not allowed to be exported and other items may require a permit.


Rules for transporting pets

It is required a veterinary health certificate for importing birds, cats and dogs. In addition, cats and dogs also need a rabies vaccination certificate and a certificate that the animal is not of national value.


The best places to visit in Moldova

  • Chisinau. This modern and friendly place is the capital of Moldova and the largest city in the country. There are a lot of green parks and historical buildings in Chisinau.

  • Old Orhei. Just an hour's drive from Chisinau there is Orhei, or Old Orhei, - the most incredible monument in Moldova. It is an archaeological complex with rich cultural and historical significance. It is also a place of great natural beauty. This open-air complex, overlooking the River Raut, includes fortifications, baths, caves, ruins and monasteries dating back 2,000 years ago to the Dacian tribes.

  • Cricova winery. A 30-minute drive from Chisinau is the Cricova winery. It is the second largest underground winery in the world; it's definitely a must-explored. You will find 120 kilometers of difficult roads above ground and an intricate system of underground tunnels dating back to the 15th century when the limestone was dug to build Chisinau. This wonderful "wine city" includes warehouses, underground tasting rooms and guided tours. You will travel 100 meters underground and see 1.25 million bottles of wine. The wine industry in Moldova is developing, which means that a bottle or two of wine should be brought home.

  • Tsypova Monastery. It is located in a remote but beautiful part of Moldova. The Tsypova Monastery consists of three main complexes carved into the rocks along the banks of the Dniester River. The oldest complex is the Exaltation of the Cross Church (11th century). The other two are the Church of St. Nicholas (14th century) and Gorodische (16th century). If you follow the path, passing by the cave, you will enjoy a beautiful nature walk that ends with a  picturesque waterfall. Each cave has monastic cells, which are enough for 700 people, although less than 20 monks now live there.

  • Căpriana. In a lush green forest in Căpriana, there is one of the oldest monasteries in Moldova. Founded in the 15th century by Alexander the Good, it was once the home of a Moldavian bishop, as well as Caprian, - one of the first Moldavian poets. It houses the largest monastic library in the country and after many years of neglect, it was reopened in 1989 as a symbol of national rebirth.

  • Nature reserve “Codri”. It is the most popular and oldest nature reserve in the country. Codru is located in the centre of Moldova and consists of a series of magnificent ravines and valleys. You'll find over 1,000 protected plant species, 145 bird species, 43 mammal species, seven reptile species, and much more. On the territory of the reserve, there is a worth-visited museum of natural history.

  • Towle Park and the Pommer Estate. Taul Park, located in the village of Taul, is the largest in the country. In the middle of the park, there is the majestic manor of Ivan Pommer, built at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a monument of landscape architecture that was highly respected in its time. The park itself consists of two parts. In the upper part, you will find a manor surrounded by many walking paths along amazing flower beds. The lower park is more like a forest.

  • Royal Forest (natural reserve). This natural reserve was founded in 1993 in Gloden. Here you will find the oldest oak stand in the country, the age of the oldest oak is estimated at about 450 years. Nature lovers will enjoy the many species of birds, the most notable of which are herons nesting along the river. You can also discover the area known as the "Hundred Hills" - a landscape of hills. Nobody knows how it has formed.


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