Customs allowances Romania


  • Cigarettes

    800 pc.

  • Cigarillos

    400 pc.

  • Cigars

    200 pc.


  • Spirits


  • Wine


  • Beer


  • Alcoholic beverages up to 22% volume


Customs rules for the import of goods to Romania


Romania is a country that is famous for its picturesque nature. Almost half of its territory consists of natural landscapes. About 5% of Romania's area is nature reserves and national parks. The country has one of the largest areas of untouched forests in Europe. Perhaps this fact has become a base for mystical stories about the famous vampire - Count Dracula. Tourists from all over the continent are attracted to Romania by holidays in the Carpathian Mountains and on the Black Sea coast, ancient castles, exciting excursions and medical resorts. In addition, the country is considered to be one of the cheapest in Europe.

Going on a trip, pay attention to the rules for the import of goods. It will help to avoid trouble. The new rules for the import of goods from abroad to Romania are available for review on our site.


Rules for the import of goods at the Romanian airport

The items and things for personal needs, necessary during the stay in the country and not intended for sale or transfer, are allowed to be imported without paying duties.


Customs rules for the import of goods from the European Union

  1. Tobacco products for passengers 17 years and older:

  • 800 cigarettes;

  • 400 cigarillos (maximum 3 grams each);

  • 200 cigars;

  • 1 kilogram of smoking tobacco.

  1. Alcohol beverages for passengers 17 years and older:

  • 10 litres of strong drinks over 22% (and ethyl alcohol);

  • 20 litres of alcoholic beverages less than 22%;

  • 90 litres of wine (no more than 60 litres of sparkling wine);

  • 110 litres of beer.


Customs rules for the import of goods from countries outside the European Union

  1. Tobacco products for passengers 17 years and older:

  • 200 cigarettes;

  • 100 cigarillos (maximum 3 grams each);

  • 50 cigars;

  • 250 grams of tobacco;

  • proportional range.

  1. Alcohol beverages for passengers 17 years and older:

  • 1 litre of strong drinks (more than 22%) or undenatured ethyl alcohol (more than 80%);

  • 2 litres of spirits or aperitifs made from wine or similar drinks (less than 22%) or sparkling or liquor products;

  • a proportional assortment of these products;

  • optional: 4 litres of wine; 16 litres of beer.

  1. Medications for personal needs.

  2. Other goods (for air passengers) with a total value of 430 euros per passenger.


The passenger is allowed to select only one item from the list of tobacco and alcohol beverages.


In addition, temporarily and for personal use, it is allowed to import without paying duties:

  • photo, audio and video equipment - 1 item of each item;

  • up to 200 grams of coffee or cocoa for personal consumption.


Rules for the import of foodstuffs

Allowed to import without paying duties:

  • Tea, instant and brewed coffee, chocolate and sugar products (for example, sweets) - 1 kg each, the norms for sugar and chocolate can be combined.

  • Fresh and dry vegetables and fruits - 3 kg, other products of plant origin - 1 kg.

  • The import of meat and dairy products is prohibited.


Rules for the import of currency

  • The local currency is prohibited for import.

  • Foreign currency in banknotes, traveller's checks or other means of payment can be imported in any required amount without restrictions if you arrive or travel to another EU member state. All imported currency must be declared.

  • The export of currency is allowed within the amount that was declared upon entry into the country.

  • If you are arriving directly from a country or travelling to a country outside the EU, then amounts in excess of 10,000 euros (or the equivalent in another currency) must be declared.

  • When travelling to a non-EU country via an EU member state, the declaration must be сompleted in the last EU member state.


Rules for import of works of art

While importing and exporting works of art and handicrafts, rarities and jewellery, they must be accompanied by permits from the Ministry of Culture of the issuing party, as well as a seller's certificate indicating the legality of their acquisition.


Products prohibited for importation:

  • Drugs, psychotropic substances

  • Weapons and ammunition

  • Toxic and radioactive substances

  • Pornographic and extremist materials

  • Materials containing scenes of violence and cruelty, as well as those aimed at inter-ethnic, inter-religious, social and other hostility

  • Meat, milk and canned food containing meat and dairy products


We recommend contacting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the transport company in advance before your trip to find out more about the new rules for importing goods for personal use in Romania. As well as familiarize yourself with the restrictions regarding hand luggage and baggage of the airline you have chosen.


Keep useful travel tips for travelling to Romania. On our website, you can read the customs regulations of more than 140 countries around the world. It will help to prepare for a trip informing you how many and which goods can be imported without paying duties in the chosen country. When planning your travel, save and pre-order duty-free goods at

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