Customs allowances  Ukraine


  • Cigarettes

    200 pc.

  • Cigars

    50 pc.

  • Tobacco



  • Spirits


  • Wine


  • Beer



  • Other goods up to

    10 000 € with a total weight not exceeding 50 kg

Customs rules for the import of goods to Ukraine


Ukraine attracts with the natural beauty of the steppes, the mysticism of the Carpathian Mountains and the only desert in Europe. The country has a unique flavour and original folk art, which has preserved centuries-old traditions and rich Slavic culture. There are many opportunities for tourism here: therapeutic peat mud, mineral waters, ecotourism, ski resorts, holidays on the coast and, of course, acquaintance with historical sights.

Going on a trip, pay attention to the rules for the import of goods. It will help to avoid trouble. The new rules for the import of goods from abroad to Ukraine are available for review on our site.


Rules for the import of goods at the Ukrainian airport 

The checkpoints in the country are equipped with "green" and "red" corridors. The "green" corridor involves the passage of passengers without declaring and paying customs duties. The "red" corridor is intended for passengers who require mandatory customs control, verification of documents, as well as filling out a customs declaration and paying customs duties. It is obligatory for those passengers who have items in their luggage that are not included in the list of the "green" corridor or exceed them in quantity.


Customs rules for the import of goods

  1. Tobacco products for passengers 18 years and older:

  • 200 cigarettes;

  • 50 cigars;

  • 250 g tobacco.

  1. Alcoholic drinks for passengers aged 18 and over:

  • 1 litre of alcoholic beverages over 22%;

  • 2 litres of wine;

  • 5 litres of beer;

  1. Medicines up to 5 packs of each name of the medicine;

  2. Other goods (for air passengers) for personal use with a total value of up to 10,000 EUR with a total weight not exceeding 50 kg, per passenger.


Goods for personal use with a total value of up to 5,000 EUR with a total weight of up to 25 kg per passenger can be transported while crossing the border by land transport (by car, bus or train).


List of items that can be classified as goods for personal use:

  • clothing and footwear intended only for personal use;

  • personal hygiene products and individual cosmetics needed during the trip;

  • 0.5 litres of eau de toilette and/or 100 grams of perfume;

  • personal jewellery, including precious metals;

  • stationery;

  • medical products;

  • baby carriage;

  • wheelchair;

  • in the amount of 1 piece: a camera, a video camera together with a reasonable amount of photo, video, films, a portable projector and accessories for it; binoculars; portable TV; one portable sound reproducing device with a reasonable number of films, records, disks;

  • in the amount of two pieces: a portable personal computer and accessories to it; satellite (mobile) phones; portable musical instruments; calculators; electronic books; watch.

  • sport equipment

  • special baby food;

  • other goods intended to meet daily needs, the list and limit of which are established by the laws of Ukraine.


Rules for the import of money

For residents of the country:

  • Up to 10,000 EUR or its equivalent at the internal exchange rate can be declared orally without documents (just inform the customs officer about it).

  • If the amount of any currency exceeds 10,000 EUR, it is subject to a written declaration, and its owner is obliged to prove the legality of its origin.

  • If the import of currency exceeding 50,000 EUR, the currency must necessarily have a non-cash form (bank statement, card, payment documents). The import of such an amount requires a special permit from the National Bank of Ukraine.

  • It is allowed to import national currency in the amount of up to 1,000 hryvnia without a written declaration. An amount exceeding this norm requires a declaration or license, which is issued by the National Bank of Ukraine.


For foreigners and non-residents:

  • It is allowed to import the currency of that country the passenger comes from in the equivalent of 15,000 USD at the hryvnia exchange rate.

  • Up to 10,000 EUR or its equivalent is allowed to be imported without submitting a written declaration.

  • The presence of a larger amount of money obliges foreigners and non-residents to submit a written declaration.

  • If you need to import money in the amount of more than 50,000 EUR, you must obtain permission from the National Ukrainian Bank, and the funds must be in non-cash form only.

  • If you are planning a transit trip through the territory of Ukraine, then you can bring up to 30,000 USD or the equivalent amount at the hryvnia exchange rate on the day of travel. You will have to present a visa to another country and your tickets.


Rules for the import of foodstuffs

  • It is allowed to import food products in no more than 1 package with a total weight of up to 2 kg per person. It is desirable that the products be packaged by the manufacturer, but this is not a mandatory requirement.

  • Import of tea, coffee or chocolate - 1 original packaging, weight does not matter.

  • Vegetables, mushrooms or fruits - 2 kg in total weight.

  • Meat products and lard - no more than 2 kg.

  • Ready-to-eat chicken, sausage - 1 pc.

  • Canned industrial production - 1 can.


Rules for the import of pets

For the import of pets into the territory of Ukraine, it is necessary to provide the customs services with a list of documents consisting of:

  • Veterinary passport of the pet.

  • Сertificate confirming that the pet does not have rabies.

  • Veterinary certificate.

  • A document confirming that the animal is not of particular value to the fauna of Ukraine.


A veterinary passport is required only for dogs, cats and ferrets. Other pets do not need it. To get this passport, dogs and cats must be chipped. The passport also indicates all the vaccinations made to the dog or cat. It is important to remember that vaccinations should be carried out no later than one month before the intended date of departure abroad.

Dogs and cats have to be vaccinated against rabies. One month after vaccination, animals should undergo a special analysis to detect antibodies to the rabies virus. The certificate of antibodies to the rabies virus must be provided to customs officers. The owner of the pet must also provide a certificate from a veterinary organization confirming that his pet is not sick at the moment of crossing a border. The pet must be declared by its owner no matter by what kind of transport they cross the border.


Rules for import of medicines

  1. It is allowed to transport medicines for personal use in hand baggage or luggage without official permits from the Ministry of Health Ukraine, but no more than 5 packages of each medicines can be imported (even in the case of a narcotic composition);

  2. It is necessary to present a medical prescription for the medicines not registered in Ukraine. Their quantity should not exceed the dose indicated by the doctor.


Products prohibited for importation:

  • Drugs, narcotic and psychotropic substances.

  • Explosive and poisonous substances.

  • Foodstuffs without a certificate.

  • Printed and video materials promoting violence, racism and war, pornography.

  • Unidentified animals.

  • Cultural property that has been put on the wanted list.

  • Steel arms, firearms, and gas weapons (cartridges) without the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


We recommend contacting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the transport company in advance before your trip to find out more about the new rules for importing goods for personal use in Ukraine. As well as familiarize yourself with the restrictions regarding hand luggage and baggage of the airline you have chosen.


Keep useful travel tips for travelling to Ukraine. On our website, you can read the customs regulations of more than 140 countries around the world. It will help to prepare for a trip informing you how many and which goods can be imported without paying duties in the chosen country. When planning your travel, save and pre-order duty-free goods at

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